about me

Hi! Thanks for visiting! I'm Tenille Evans. I have worked in the hospitality and events industry for over 15 years. I've worked in almost every role within this industry but my passion for the past 5 years has been creating amazing vegan food that everyone can enjoy, in my role as head chef and owner of Secret Creek Cafe, a vegan eatery in Lithgow, NSW. I've personally been vegan for 8 years and vegetarian for 5 years before that.   


I really believe that a wedding or other special event is the perfect opportunity to show friends and family how delicious good vegan food can be. Vegan food can be enjoyed by everyone and there is no need to compromise on your values for your special event. 

why vegan?

The environmental benefits to veganism are huge. A truly eco-friendly wedding or special event is a vegan one!

The United Nations identified animal agriculture and food consumption as one of the most significant drivers of environmental pressures and climate change, stating that 'a substantial reduction of impacts would only be possible with a worldwide diet change away from animal products. Raising animals for food generates more greenhouse gas emissions than all the cars, trucks, trains, ships, and planes in the world combined.

Vegan weddings and other events are great for guests with allergies too. Many of the most common allergens are already catered for with vegan catering.

Your special event should be a reflection of you and your values. Show your guests what is important to you by hosting a vegan event! I guarantee that everyone will enjoy the food.